Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The time of your life.

Not an envelope pushing outfit today by any means but I really adore my new MCR tee and it's vintage feel. I painted my shoes to match Gerard's shirt at the show since I'm on this little My Chem kick. These are probably the last few photos I will ever take at school and let me tell you I am excited for summer. Everything is falling into place. The only thing I need now is a roommate for an apartment since I'm moving out in January!!! I have to work today so I'm going to cut this post short. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Leather jacket and jeans are from Forever 21, tee-shirt is from the My Chemical Romance concert, shoes are hand painted and from Salvation Army, bracelet is handmade.



  1. The shoes are really a nice touch!

  2. lovely hair !!

  3. Love the outfit a lot! Gorgeous hair you're so pretty! X