Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rumor has it!

I love this shirt, it's so flowy and paired with the hat I feel ultra seventies. The sleeves make me feel like a butterfly. Today my allergies are killing me but I'm going to soldier through a band practice because I hate cancelling!

The shirt and jeans are Forever 21. shoes are thrifted, rosary is from a dollar jewelry store, and hat is antique.


PS: Are you guys likin' the Nikon photos? I loooooove my new camera! I can't believe I finally have it. (:


  1. You are gorgeous girl! I love your hair..the blonde looks so awesome. Amazing hat pretty jealous!

  2. rumor has it that you look amazing in this outfit! found you through weardrobe, darling, and i'm lovin your style. PLUS, i also have that wall painting in your last photo :) <3

  3. Your new photos taken by Nikon are really awesome!!! :-)

  4. I love this outfit, and I really love your new hair!! :)

  5. I want that shirt! It's so fun!

  6. I am SO glad I found your blog - its so cool! All your pictures are AMAZING!!

    x Aliya