Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Killjoys, Make Some Noise!

Over the weekend, one of my oldest friends and I took a road trip to Dallas to see our favourite band since 6th grade, My Chemical Romance. The show was at the House of Blues and it was seriously the best concert I've seen to date. We were front row, right on the barrier, about 5 feet from the band. It was mind blowing and I have to say my love for Gerard Way was bursting out of my chest as I sang along to every song. They were amazing and I really loved Dallas. I can't wait to go back. All of these were taken with my new Nikon except for the last photo because I didn't want to take me new camera into the show and risk something happening to it.

My concert outfit consisted of leopard print tube skirt from Target, a black lace top from Rue 21, and combat boots from JC Penney, paired with lots of smoky eyeliner and big rings. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the late 70s in London and be part of the punk scene. I can dig.

♥ Sarah


  1. Beautiful! You also have wicked boots and a wicked blog!

  2. Ur gorgeous.I love your eyebrows, hair & outfit!! :D

  3. when did you get that skirt?! it's adorable!

  4. Anon- I got it a couple weeks ago specifically to wear to the MCR show. Thank you!