Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hipstamatic me!

(dress: golden rule thrift, shoes: salvation army, belt: goodwill, necklace: gift from jake, purse: antique store)

Today Ashley, Hannah, and I met at school for our Show Choir fittings. Our flapper dresses look adorable!!! I can't wait to show you all what they look like! And we get sequined headbands...with feathers. My life is complete. We then went to lunch at Olive Garden and played with Ashley's brand new iphone!!! She has this app called "Hipstamatic" and it takes old film camera-esque photos. So cool! They are pictured above. (: The weather is back to being hot hot hot and sunny. Could this mean that I will finally get to use my pool and my adorable new bathing suit??? I think yes!



  1. Adore these pics. I have sort of old timey photos on my blog right now too, actually (more like crappily done ones, but I digress).

    You two look uber cute. Cannot wait to see your flapper dresses! How fun is that!

  2. these photos are gorgeous! i love your dress, pretty girl.


  3. Love that dress! So cute!

    PS - I picked you as one of my 10 favorite bloggers in the We Heart Blogs event yesterday. :)

  4. Ahhh, Jackson has that application on his phone. He loves it more than me I swear.


  5. LOVE this ap. It just makes everything more whimsical. You look great.

  6. you have such a lovely blog, and a great sense of style. im so jealous!
    this app is cool, i love the toy camera look x

  7. You're adorable. I love these pictures.

  8. i love that dress! and these photos are so cool, i love the colors