Monday, July 12, 2010

I can see you burning with desire.

Well everybody, I'm sick! I have bad allergies, or a cold or something! My throat is all scratchy and hoarse, I feel clammy and tired, and I have a cough and drainage. It sucks. The middle of the summer...this should not be happening. Today was the last day I will see or talk to Jake for 8 days. He'll be at camp. I may lose my mind. I already miss him so much. ):

We went to Salvation Army today and these are the things I got. I'm absolutely in love with the little change purse/ wallet. I can't get enough of it!

Hope you are all doing great, I'm so sorry I haven't had any good outfit posts lately.



  1. I wish I looked that cute when I was sick!!

  2. Aw, Sarah! I hope you feel better soon..and I hope that you dont miss Jake too much while he is away. Isnt it crazy how 8 days can seem like a whole year? I am the same way with Nathan! I cant even handle one day apart. Your op shop finds are them all! <3

  3. Oh Sarah I'm sick too! I'm sorry you don't feel well, being sick in July is no fun at all. I hope you feel better soon! :)

  4. hope you feel better soon! I'm missing my boyfriend too - he's only been gone 2 days :(

    hope you have a good week, regardless :) (at least you have a gorgeous pair of earrings and a coin purse to help! haha)


  5. I hate to get sick in vacations. Get well soon chick!

  6. that sucks for yur allergies and stuff, but youll be fine!
    is this a muse t-shirt»?? i loooove it!
    xx, zaia