Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free Tulsa Music Festival

If anyone happens to be in the Tulsa area on July 31st and you're looking to go out on the town to a huge festival and hear some indie rock... well you can always stop by the marquee in downtown tulsa at 9:30 pm and see my band... (:

We're really excited about this show. It's our first show of the summer, since we've been recording all the time and we can't wait to play it! More fashion posts asap, I promise. This is just a huge part of my life right now. Thank you guys for all the awesome feedback on our new tunes. I love you all!!!

♥ Sarah

PS: Calling all Graphic designers! We need cover art! Show me what you got!!!


  1. your band sounds awesome! i wish you the best of luck at the music festival. you have an amazing voice by the way!

  2. I wish I would be in town for this, everyone keeps inviting me on Facebook and I'm like...I'm in New Yorkkkkk... ):


  3. hi :) if you're still looking for a designer, I know an amazing designer :B check out his myspace, if you're interested yet :)
    OH and by the way, your voice is amazing.

    i hope you like it :)