Saturday, January 30, 2010

rationale and ice.

Today, i went sledding for the first time in my life. I have now come to the conclusion that i had a deprived childhood, because sledding is the funnest thing ever. We found the perfect hill. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos because i didn't want to get my camera wet. But my mum's friend took a bunch of them with her lovely camera with a huge lens. So hopefully I will put those up soon! I did take some of my front yard covered in all this crazy snow and ice. Oh, and one in my disgusting bedroom in snow boots. Ha! I had a blast today but I am officially done with this weather. I mean, its winter vacation part trois.
ps: i love how my little sister, jake, and i all looked somewhat stylish despite the cold.

Also! Everyone should head over to and hear some tunes off their new album "rationale." I just got the album (hand delivered) today and it's fantastic. Pick up a copy via itunes / cdbaby /rhapsody / yahoo music in a few days! For now check out their myspace and fall in love like i have.

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