Sunday, January 31, 2010

all dressed up with nowhere to go, for now.

I was supposed to go to whole foods today and get some organic groceries, then i didn't end up getting to go. My family went sledding and I didn't think I felt like going, but then, sitting at home all alone I decided to call up a friend with a car, to drive me up to go sledding with them. But everyone was busy except for Sean, then by the time he got back to me it was too late. Now I am waiting to go to dinner for my cousin's 18th birthday. Finally, somewhere to wear stylish clothing too.
At first I was irritated about missing school, but now that I've discovered sledding and having some time off, I want school to be canceled tomorrow more than anything!
Also: I watched Superbad for the first time last night and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. "Take off the vest. You look like Aladdin."

dress: charlotte russe
brown tights: target
floral tee: charlotte russe
newboy cap: 1/2 thrift store

#nowplaying: Earl Greyhound.

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  1. love the dress! and i don't think i could *ever* get tired of days off...