Monday, February 1, 2010

maybe sometimes make it easy.

Went out in the snow for photos today. Everything is beginning to melt and the sun was peeking out. Lovely. The sundress i wore today, i have decided is one of the best small investments I've ever made. I have worn this dress countless times over the last two year and in so many different ways. Truly one of my favorite pieces. It has even survived a terrible rip concerning my clumsiness and a doorknob. (Dont ask.) That was a long time ago, and my lovely mother sewed it up for me when i was reduced to a crying mess. (It was new-ish at the time.) Ha! Complete proof at how much i love clothing.
The vest was a jacket my mum bought years ago from Vanity and she never wore it because the sleeves were too puffy. Though I agreed, I always had a soft spot for it. Faux fur is my friend. So the other day i was looking for something to mess around with on my sewing machine and I asked my eight year old sister for a peek in her dress up box. The jacket was strewn amongst some princess dresses and i grabbed it up. Determined to make it wearable, I cut the sleeves off, hemmed around the edges and added a great vintage cameo brooch. The end result, I think, fabulous!

currently playing: grizzly bear-two weeks

dress: target
brooch: vintage
fur vest: hand tailored (vanity)
cardigan: express
tights: kohls
boots: charlotte russe


  1. your layering is fantastic, and i love the brooch against the fur.

  2. loooove this!
    fur with the brooch is gorgeous!