Friday, January 29, 2010

Susie Q, i love you.

lets take a moment to talk about one of my loveliest friends, susie.
she's easily one of the most beautiful people i've ever met, inside and out. she's an amazing photographer, musician, singer, and friend. she's a complete doll. please check out her amazing photographs at .
you can also see her on weardrobe:

a few of my favorite photos she's taken:

i've even had the honor of being photographed a few times. ♥

ps: yes, i re-designed my blog!


  1. ooh, she does take lovely photos... i'm off to check her out now, but i love the new layout!

  2. Oh my, Sarah. What a surprise to see you post this.
    What an honour!

    Thanks a million, doll.
    You make me feel fantastic.

    I wish to see your famous face soon.
    Thank you, and thanks again.