Saturday, May 28, 2011

Urban Legend

I took some photos downtown today with Riley. He and I checked out the old Tulsa World Newspaper building that is completely abandoned now. It was this super cool retro 60's mod kinda place. We also got sang to by a street performer named TJ and had dinner at the 5 & Diner.

Pants are from Hot Topic, tee shirt is from choir that I cut the sleeves and neck out of, shoes are urban outfitters, and jacket is from Rue 21 that I bought today!



  1. I love those pants, you look so edgy!

  2. you look BEAuT!! ROCKING those pants xox

  3. Sarah, I can't believe I'm going to say this (especially since I'm going to sound like a 75 year old aunt), but: you're turning into such an edgy, stunning young woman! Haha, I'm sorry. But you are. When I first started following you I saw this adorable high school girl, now you look like a woman ready to take the whole world by storm!

    And those pants, girl. They look perfect on you. Just perfect. And I love the cut-off choir tee!

    Much love,
    According to Annika

  4. Those pants are amazing! I love them!

  5. Loveee this, pants are great! x