Friday, December 3, 2010

Renegade who had it Made.

Voila! Today's outfit. The necklace is one that my sweet boyfriend made for me at this great little shop called the Bead Merchant. We were on cherry street yesterday when we passed by it and we decided to stop and make each other necklaces. I put a Buddha charm on his (: He also got me this little copper bracelet that was actually for a pocket watch. It's just tiny enough for my dainty wrists and it fits perfectly. I'm in love with it. Hope everyone is having as great of a week as I am. Time for work, off to Panera!



  1. The dress is so pretty, i love how you paired it with the matching socks and all the grey/black! And all the accessories look gorgeous! great outfit!

  2. where are those boots from?

  3. That bracelet is amazing! What a lovely boyfriend.