Monday, December 6, 2010

Outfit, Inspiration, and Sweethearts.

I'm reading this biography about Heath Ledger that my boyfriend lent me. It's amazing. I love and miss you Heath! ♥

Meet Meredith at Tangled in the Sheets!
She is such a funny, quirky, amazing girl with great style. She is a great friend to me. ♥

I have finals for the next two weeks so my life is going to be more hectic than ever. I have so many things I need to find time to do. Gah, bear with me.

♥ Sarah


  1. i'd be greatfully appreciative if you would follow me (:

  2. Are you anorexic? :/

  3. Wow, what a rude comment.... Everybody's built differently, and you obviously just have a slim build. Anyways, I would have never thought to pair that color tights with blue. The color of the tights are beautifull