Sunday, August 8, 2010

Party Time

(Skirt: Plato's closet, Tank: Walmart, Shoes: Salvation Army, Necklace: Southern Hospitality Vintage/Antique Store, Purse: Antique Store, Glasses: Target [a friend's])

Thursday night I went to my friend Hannah's birthday party and it was a blast. Almost all of the show choir kids were there and we danced our tails off. We even did our show choir routine! The places was très cool. It was this barn out in the middle of nowhere with a dance floor and stage, and inside it looked like a club. I had a great time and I will never forget that night.

The summer is winding down and my senior year is beginning. That's crazy. I am both scared and excited, anxious and relieved. This year is going to be amazing. I can't wait.



  1. aww looks like fun!
    my senior year is beginning as well =]

  2. you look like you're having so much fun!
    i love your shoes and top. :)

    i'm going into junior year, and i think i'm mostly anxious. (i've heard it's the most difficult; what did you think?)

    xxoo elanor

  3. Looks like fun! Love the necklace! :)