Sunday, August 22, 2010

The first friday.

I wasn't feeling to well on Friday. No make-up, no sleep. Ugh. Sorry guys. You will find this humorous though, on my way to the car I got stopped and told my skirt was too short, then sent to the office. Even though I was about to leave for the day, I got a detention for dress code. Damnit. Maybe they should re-evaluate how short the cheer leading outfits are, if it's that big of a deal. My friend Cheyne (In a Sweater Poorly Knit) and I are so sick of the dress code drama. I guess we are just TOO SKANKY for BAHS.


ps: i can't get through the day without a dr. pepper.


  1. hahaha, i got sent home for wearing a tank top. so dumb.