Friday, June 18, 2010

Sending all my love along the wire.

Hello! Long time no see! You may have noticed that I've been changing my blog layout about every 5 minutes but I have finally decided on one that I love, so expect to see it around for awhile. All apologies for how long its been since I last posted. I've been very busy working and I've been having camera problems. I went shopping the other day and got some lovely items that I'm excited to show you all my new stuff!
Jake and I's 2 year anniversary is on Wednesday and we have a great day planned. I love him so much. (:

For now, enjoy this amazing Glee performance of "Faithfully" by Journey. It's much better than the original and it literally gives me chills. For all of you that don't know I'm a huge Glee Geek, or Gleek as they're sometimes called. I had a party with a bunch of my show choir friends from school for the season finale! My friend Hannah even brought a Glee cookie cake. (See Below) Delicious. (:

PS: We gave my dad his tickets to see MUSE yesterday for Father's Day. He was soo happy. ♥ I love my daddio. (:


  1. Ahh, i am a massive gleek too. That show always gives me goosebumps. And that cookie looks goood!

    Oh, have a wonderful anniversary on wednesday and congratulations to you and boy :) It's my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend in September and I'm already planning what we are going to do.


  2. such a beautiful performance on glee! the season finale was SO GOOD.

  3. Your dad is going to see muse?Oh myy!!
    I nearly left the venue deaf when i saw muse :))

  4. N'aw I love Glee. That cookie cake looks delicious.

  5. i love glee! ive started watching it on the web, and im addicted!
    ps, im really jaleous of your dad's gift, i bet he's super excited!
    xx, zaia

  6. Waw so cute ^^
    The cake looks delicious! Gleee!

  7. loving the new blog layout (:
    and mm that cookie cake looks pretty good!