Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Milos Fare

I finally have the band promos! This is just one of the 200 amazing shots we got. Head over to our myspace to see more and hear our three brand new songs! Click Here.

*All photos by our friend Roger at Thompson Photos.


  1. Good God, girl. You've got pipes. Just been listening to Wallflower - it's absolutely amazing!

  2. i love this the photo is great

  3. wow, that looks amazing! the lighting's really cool, too :)

    Just checked out your myspace too; I love your songs :)

  4. Oh lovely! will be checking those out later :D

    also could you do me a favour and vote for us to win this contest?

    if we win we get to play at that festival!! just click log in to vote under our little DIY vid and then register :) if you're feeling extra generous leave a comment haha!

    I'm trying to get fellow bloggers to vote as friends on facebook are lazy :P

    much love pretty lady!

  5. Cool photo! I just visited the myspace, you have got a killer voice! I hope you don't take this as an insult (I actually think it's a good thing) but your voice reminds me a bit of Hayley from Paramore :) But more throaty and raw, it's so good!