Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm comin home baby, I'm sorry that I ever went away.

I have some explaining to do. The lack of posts has been caused by the stress of the end of my junior year and some terrible stormy and tornadic weather. But I am officially done. I worked really hard, and I came out of the year with straight A's and one B. I am exempt from ALL of my finals. This next week is going to be the easiest and most boring week ever. All I have to do is show up. In a way, I feel a bit like a senior because I'm doing concurrent enrollment next year and I'm starting college early. I only have 2 classes at the high school, both for choir! How lovely! Summer is here this Friday and I plan on expanding this blog as much as I can. Thank you thank you thank you, to all the new followers, and for all the sweet comments.

A few things:

Can't stop listening to:
I'm comin home baby- Mel Tormé
Words of Love- Mamas & the Papas
Walk Away Reneé- Terry Reid

I saw "An Education" over the weekend and fashion wise, it sparked my interest even further into the 60s. So good.

I'm getting a DSLR soon!

Jake and I's TWO YEAR anniversary is next month, June 23rd. He makes me so happy. ♥

Caleigh and I are going to see Of Montreal next week!

I made the ring I'm wearing in this photo from a bent bottle cap after I drank a glass coke.

♫ Sarah ♫


  1. I love you Sarah. :)

  2. you're so lucky you get to skip out of finals! one of my teachers told us to start studying 3 months ago, and everyone ignored we're all super stressed. love the coke bottle ring too! argh, you're doing all this exciting stuff lately, it's making me jealous!

  3. The ring turned out so cool:)

    great job girl!

  4. The ring is so cool! I can't belive how creative people like you are to create this out of something that would have been thrown away :)

  5. congrats on your two year anniversary! that's awesome. :)

    and i tagged you in an award/questionnaire here:


  6. Sounds great Sarah :)!

    But Lucky you, I have 27 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT, woo is me :'(
    By the by happy almost 2 year anniversary!

  7. thats a cool summer comming up!
    i love ofmontreal and actually,, i am from montreal ( I live there haha)!
    enjoy the concert, tell us how it was ;)

  8. That ring is Ultra Cool ;)
    Your Blog is so Inspiring

    visit me

  10. I just found your blog and was looking at almost every post and just want to be a friend of yours. you look so cute and nice and like a lot of fun!

  11. mmmm, i LOVE an education & the mamas and the papas! :)

    found your blog via selective potential, your style is perfection. <3

  12. i can't wait till i'm done with this semester.. ugh. your style is great, i love your blog!


    oh and i listened to your band on myspace you sound SO GOOD!!

  13. I'm seeing Of Montreal tommorrow! I don't know when you are seeing them, but I hope you have fun! I love your blog.
    Cute ring!

  14. :( i have finals even with my good grades. not fairrrr.
    cute ring, though.