Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sleepy Sun.

I think I'm catching a cold. And I'm not happy about it. On the bright side, my birthday is this Sunday and I am so excited. I'm going to be doing so many fun things. Seeing The Runaways, shopping, spending time with Jake, and having a big dinner with lots of friends. Monday, I get to go to a choir festival out of town with my jazz choir at school. More fun on a charter bus! And I get to skip school, which is lovely. Thursday, I'm going to see The Dead Weather with a couple of my band mates, Sean and Clayton. I got the most PERFECT dress to wear to it. Yay!

Jeans: Hot Topic
Vest: Salvation Army
Tee: Mum's
Belt: Family Surplus Thrift
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Necklaces: Gifts


  1. omg, you are too cute! i love that belt/vest pairing, how fun! i hope you feel better soon and have fun on your birthday! <3

  2. Wow, you have such a fun week coming up! I love the striped top, especially with your vest :]

  3. simple but still so cute! i always find it hard to dress my jeans & you do it so well! :)

  4. i love the way u wear the vest!


  5. Cute outfit! Love the way the vest looks with the shirt.
    I can't wait to see The Runaways. It looks good.
    Good luck at your festival on Monday. It's so cool that you're in jazz choir! I'm actually in my school's jazz band. I've gotten to miss school for festivals as well and it's always such a good time. Way more fun than school haha. Anyway, good luck! And happy early birthday!

  6. Hey girl!
    Ilove your look...great vest!!*
    I follow you...and in CHICTOPIA...follow me too!>:-)

    Visit my blog!


  7. nice outfit. the dead weather - they are soo greaat ♥

  8. Love these boots and the vest.Happy Birthday,may all your wishes come true.
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

  9. i love your belted vest, it looks so sweet x

  10. loving those stripes :D
    love your blog!
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  11. Hope you feel better soon sarah! you look so good in this seriously look so good in everything though! Also - I hope you have an amazing birthday! How exciting! <3

  12. i saw you at woodland hills mall with your boyfriend yesterday evening. i was going to say hello but i was a little shy and didn't want to bother so i didn't. XD but hello anyways. :)