Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Get on your dancin' shoes!

These past few days have been a nonstop roller coaster of things to do. I've been recording with my band, going to rehearsals for show choir auditions, and running around. These photos are from last night, when I went out on the town with my boyfriend, who took me to see The Arctic Monkeys. It was a crazy, great show. Despite the drunken frat boys, Irish dudes asking us for ecstasy, and getting beer sprayed all over us. (Ha!) We had a good time though.
I wore this skirt I got from Goodwill forever ago as a dress, with faux leather leggings, and a fedora. I think it fit the occasion perfectly. This pseudo dress is a party in itself. I love it.
For now, I'm off to catch up on things like laundry and sleep. See you all tomorrow!


PS: My audition went FANTASTIC today (Wednesday) for show choir. And Glee came on last night!!! Mmmm so good!

Dress: Goodwill
Shoes: Salvation Army
Leggings: Forever 21
Belt: Cheap Thrills Vintage
Hat: Charlotte Russe


  1. Congrats about your good audition sarah! Super proud of you! :) And your outfit for that event is perfect! I want to see arctic monkeys! What a lovely boyfreind to take you out :) You look like a stunner! I love those leggings so much! x

  2. i absolutely love the pattern of tht skirt/dress..and i loveeeee those shoes

  3. Love it :) I think if I tried wearing my "pleather" leggings right now, I would die. It's way too hot already. Hah.

  4. could you make a post which shows your make-up and your face and body creams? i think it would be very interesting :D oh and hair products!! :D

  5. You are soo pretty! and that skirt looks amazing on you *.*

    ps. congrats for the audition!