Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New skirt turned dress.

Today was depressingly cold, as usual. I was about to collapse while taking photos. On the bright side, I love this long 80s skirt that I wore as a dress. Even though the colors and style of the skirt scream 1980s, I felt very pseudo 7os. I wished all day that I was bare-legged with gladiator sandals. Summer, vit vit vit!

Cardigan: Forever 21
Dress/Skirt: Salvation Army
Brown belt: Family Surplus Thrift
Tights: Kohls
Peace sign necklace: Deco to Disco Vintage


  1. I love that skirt/dress! Great color and pattern.

  2. I love this look and I wish it was summer too!

  3. He's just a date.
    Maybe a boyfriend or a husband someday.
    Right now, a best friend and a band mate.

    He's fun and free-spirited.
    Come play with us.

  4. Love the belted skirt as dress and the unexpected color of the tights!

  5. I love doing the same thing with my long skirts! I am following now, follow me too if u want!
    Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana

  6. That dress/ skirt is absolutely wonderful, such a good thrift find!