Wednesday, February 17, 2010

confounding destiny.

I know, the blazer is so 1986. But surprisingly, I love it. The awesome teal color and the gold/velvet buttons hooked me. I really liked my outfit today, I just felt good wearing it. Probably because I had new pieces. The shoes give me more pep in my step than usual. This could be because they're a tad bit small...or because I love the way they sound when I walk. Ha!

Blazer: Salvation Army
Shoes: Salvation Army
Jeans: Forever 21
Black ruffled blouse: Charlotte Russe
Gold necklace: Garage Sale


  1. I love the blazer - it's hard to find '80s blazers that aren't crazy huge, so that's awesome this one is more fitted. I LOVE those shoes, love like if I saw you, I would try to steal them, love. I am jealous of your ability to wear a beret (me=curly hair=no bangs=look like ass hat in berets)

  2. Those shoes are so cool!