Tuesday, February 23, 2010

love burns brighter than sunshine.

My lovely mum took my photos today. It warmed up a tad bit but it was still quite nippy out. I feel like I wear this skirt all the time, but I guess in reality I don't. I love the softness of the floral print. I wish I lived in 1786 France. I wish I could party with Mozart and shop with Marie Antoinette. I could wear powdered wigs and million layered dresses. I could marry a king and court a soldier. That time period is so romantic and exciting to me. I wore my "Les Miserables" tee shirt in honour of my recent infatuation with the French revolution time period.

Skirt: Forever 21
Tights: ???
Cardigan: Old Navy
Les Miserables Tee: Forever 21
Boots: JC Penney
Swallow Necklace: Kohls


  1. this is super sweet!

  2. This is super lovley, I love floral print skirts, they are so classic. I can relate to wishing you lived in a different time period, we've become so uninteresting these days!

  3. great job, mom! :) they are good. i love your outfit, cute tights!

    how is your shop coming along?

  4. Love the mix of floral & graphic...and the bright colors! :)