Monday, December 7, 2009

with bushels of bad habits, who could ask for anymore?

officially done with christmas shopping!

got this fabulous leather pseudo indian hippie satchel from an antique mall for $10. yummy! i love it so much. the thin straps already broke from everything i keep in my bag so im going to get some sturdier leather strips to use. i also bought this vintage italian scarf for $2 from the same shop. its called yesterday and today collectibles, and i cant get enough of it. along with these i also got a zip-lock bag full of mismatched vintage jewelry. the tag read "junk jewelry $1" and a black fur collar for $3. great prices, i was in heaven.

it was ridiculously cold today and its making me want to wear nothing but blankets. ugh.

mauve pink blouse: charlotte russe
dark skinny jeans: hot topic
light brown cardigan: the express
brown braided belt: family surplus thrift
italian silk vintage scarf: yesterday and today antique mall

1 comment:

  1. I love how you wore the scarf tucked into the belt. (: