Friday, December 4, 2009

what would i want sky.

by popular demand and my own inability to deal with the complexity of tumblr, i have moved la fille etrange to blogger, and changed the name to bad penny. this originates from an old rory gallagher song that kind of blows my mind. it took me a while to make up my mind about moving because ive done so many posts on my other blog, but i have a good vibe about this. thanks cheyne, for pushing me to switch over to the dark side. here we go, first post of the new blog.ive been very inspired by the whole ryan ross/panic at the disco-esque fashion lately. hence the florals, vest, and hippie bracelets. yes my wrist reads "patd!" i know, when i adore something, i take it really far.

has anyone heard "change" or "the other girl" by the young veins? because ive been overdosing on both lately. lets just have a rundown of my top most played songs:
run run run- pheonix
change- the young veins
mad as rabbits- panic at the disco
what would i want sky- animal collective
behind the sea- panic at the disco
he's not a boy- the like
the other girl- the young veins
the skin of my yellow country teeth- clap your hands say yeah
armistice- mutemath
i belong to you (mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix)- muse
she's got you high- mumm-ra

to name a few.

blouse: target
vest: forever 21
bracelets: handmade


  1. In love with your outfit, I can definitely see the Panic! At the Disco influence. You look divine as always, and I'm glad you've finally switched to Blogspot. Welcome to the big leagues! I love you! (: