Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cramming for finals between photoshoots.

im typing this with weary hands because for the last 24 hours i have been reading and typing and studying my life away. its truly miserable. these were all taken during one of my free classes in the oh so unique art room by my girl mary. she needs her portfolio to be finished by february 1st, so im going to be her go to model for awhile. along with cheyne, from in a sweater poorly knit. sorry the posts are so scarce, but its mid-term time. all i have to say about that is bah. humbug. i cant wait for my holiday. only two more days to go, so i'll see you soon.


photographed by: mary fields

currently playing: graceful soul by: trés bien

leather jacket: forever 21
plaid pencil skirt: goodwill
hot pink tights: target
black oxfords: goodwill
black tank: target
vintage necklace-thrift store


  1. Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Oh the tights! :D

  2. Adore all of your outfits, so glad I came through your blog. Definitely a follower!

    Check out/follow? x