Monday, June 13, 2011

Living on Tulsa Time.

Yesterday I went to the Gypsy coffee house and then made stencils with my friend Chris. We spray painted them all around Tulsa. His was really cool, I love the little men on the stairs. Gypsy is my favourite coffee house, they have great Chai Tea Lattes ( I don't drink coffee) and the best blueberry muffins you will ever eat. Plus the atmosphere is great. We climbed an old abandoned building and took photos on the roof, there's a great view of Tulsa from there. Even though it's small, it's still my hometown and I love the city.


(Crocheted top is from Rue 21, Shorts and shoes are from Goodwill, Earrings are from Target, and ring is from Charlotte Russe.)


  1. these pictures are amazing!!!!

  2. You are ridiculously pretty. That smile! I adore this simple yet stylish outfit. Those shorts are perfect, I want some just like them! These pictures are breathtaking as well.


  3. other people know the gypsy exists?! i too enjoy their chai :) oh, and i'm loving the crochet top, this outfit is flawless.

  4. The little figures on the stairs are adorable!

  5. Such a cool location for photos.

  6. Wicked shoes and photos!