Saturday, February 5, 2011

Goals Goals Goals

I think it's really important to set goals for yourself and I can't even function without an up to date to-do list, so I thought I would lay out a set of goals for myself and scratch them off as I go. (:

001. finish decorating/renovating my room
002. save up $550 for my nikon already
003. spend valentine's with jake
004. save up and plan for trip to dallas to see MCR on may 21st
005. practice & devote life to musical, rock the little shop of horrors
006. work work work for show choir FAME competition
007. work as many hours as possible at panera
008. play a sweet show with jake, tyler, and remi
009. do something to my hair...color
010. buy a new phone, a cool one
011. buy a new ipod, a cool one
013. make plans for summer '11
014. promote bad penny thrift & add more items
015. work harder for the blog
016. post a video of me singing
017. be friends with everyone and anyone
018. put out my album with milo's fare
019. swap something with another lovely fashion blogger
020. volunteer at a charity
021. write my nanee a letter
022. take my little sister to do fun things
023. exercise: yoga, dance, run
024. have a huge picnic party at a park/field as soon as it's warm
025. keep well manicured and pedicured hands and feet

i'll gradually add more and more on.

and if you have any ideas, anyone, let me know! i'd love to hear your goals and ideas. (:

♥ Sarah


  1. aw I love all of them and we have most things in common, but I am bad bad bad with lists. Anyway, I would trade you my clothes anytime! :P

  2. Get a summer internship
    Goal of my life right now
    But I love your list :)


  3. Great list!
    Some of my goals are:
    -To make a new friend
    -To reconnect with an old friend
    -To take a belly dancing class
    I'd also love to trade clothes with another blogger, volunteer at a charity and have a huge picnic.