Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I heart: We Love Colors.

Hello everyone,
I am so excited to be partnering with We Love Colors. I've loved their tights for...forever now and it's my goal in life to own every single color they offer (which is 51 to be exact!) Tights are great, but so often over looked as being a key part of our wardrobes! Tights are essential, they keep us warm while adding a pop of color or interest to our outfits. A pair of great tights can really bring a so-so outfit to an out of this world ensemble. I Love We Love Colors. Their tights are more than affordable, they're amazing quality, soft , warm, and they come in shades you can't find anywhere else.
My favourite pair right now are probably my scout green tights and maroon thigh-highs (the first pair of thigh-highs I've owned that actually stay up!) If you haven't checked out We Love Colors, then please head over to their website and reward yourself with a pair of nice leg-wear.


ps: hey guys I spelled maroon wrong, hope you don't mind. but you may have already found out from my lovely comment-ers.

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  1. spelled maroon wrong, dumbass.
    herp derp.