Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's a mod world.

I've had bright pops of red going in my outfits the last couple of days! This is one of my favourite tops, I just love the pattern and its so comfortable. The skirt needs to be hemmed, I know, I just really wanted to wear it and I haven't had time since I hacked it off who knows how long ago.

So, I got interviewed on the local rock radio station Z104.5 the edge today instead of going to my comp class. We were promoting our new album "Wallflower" and we even touched on my blog for a bit! It was lots of fun and my friend Drew, the DJ, is awesome. I got another modeling gig for Cheap Thrills this weekend guys! I'm super excited. I love the store, and Kristen the owner has been so great to me.

More tomorrow. Much Love,

ps: thank you ellie for being a great sport about taking my blog photos in the cold wind!

pps: more art for you guys.. this is my cross contour line sketch of a vintage microphone and a random oil pastel i did on a piece of newspaper today. (:

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  1. That is awesome you got interviewed on the radio! Uh, that's kind of a big deal! haha Does your band have a Facebook fan page or anything? I've listened to your stuff on MySpace looong ago and thought it was good, I would love to support you guys! :)