Monday, October 25, 2010

October Sky

Meet Maddie. We went adventuring in a field yesterday and had a little photoshoot. WHo's ready for halloween??? I am! Maddie is going to be Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I am going to be Magenta from Rocky Horror. Sorry for my lack of posts everyone..I have been crazy busy and very stressed out. I finally got some things off my plate and I am going to focus much harder on my blog. I love you guys and thanks for sticking with me.
I got a new job! I work at Panera Bread and I love it so much. School is going okay, Jake and I are happy, and besides having a bad cold I am doing wonderfully. October is my favourite month and Halloween is my favourite holiday so I've really been enjoying myself. Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday night and don't forget to watch Rocky Horror Glee tonight!



  1. Yes, she's posting again! You look so adorable here! And I will totally copy it and ware it to school tomorrow (: Are you dressing up for Halloween?

  2. These photos are gorgeous, Sarah! You and your friend look amazing.


    PS. Can't wait for the Rocky Horror Glee Episode to come here!! We are so behind in New Zealand :/