Thursday, August 12, 2010

First day of the Rest of my Life

(Dress: Walmart, Sandals: JC Penney, Belt: Family Surplus Thrift, Earrings: ???, Necklace: Walmart, Cardigan: Maurices)

I began the day with my usual stop at the donut shop for two chocolate donuts and a dr. pepper (healthy, i know) and I headed to the first day of my senior year. I had music theory, with my choir director Mr. Doonkeen, then show choir, with Doonkeen, then Algebra III with my favourite math teacher of all time, then art with my friend Ellie. I then got to go home at 12:30! This will be my schedule for monday, wednesday, friday. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be heading to TCC for my college comp class. Plus about a billion show choir rehearsals a week. (:

This year is going to be fantastic. I had a great day.



  1. You look gorgeous!

    I miss school a little, at random moments sometimes. But I love university :)


  2. oh fabulous


  3. you've started school already? I don't start school for another three weeks! I love donuts but not a big fan of dr. pepper and hey, it's always great to be unhealthy once in a while.

    tons of love

    ps, i would love to hear you sing!

  4. You look so lovely. You have such effortless style. I'm sure you must be so elegant in person too!