Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cosmic Caverns

(hat: antique store, shorts: kohls, tank: target, vest: cheap thrills vintage, cardigan: grandma's, necklace: antique store, shoes: isaac mizrahi for target)

I went on a cave tour for the first time ever yesterday to Cosmic Caverns, which is j just North of Eureka Springs. It was a little scary and definitely amazing. Everyone thought I looked dressy for walking/crawling through a cave, and in hindsight, I guess that metallic gladiator sandals, a pearl necklace, and a sunhat was a bit much...But it's the only clothing I have! And I thought I was dressing down!! Ha!


  1. Those tights work perfectly with that dress. Another great look!

  2. Who cares if you weren't dressed for the occasion, you look nice (:
    Oh, caves scare me. I guess I've just seen too many cave-related horror films haha.