Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rock N Roll Lifestyle.

(top: walmart, skirt: target, necklace: thrifted, tights: target, shoes: target, belt: trash)

I've been in the studio a lot this week, work work working on our album, shelling out tune after tune and payment after payment, eating out of our producer's infamous candy drawer, auto-tuning my voice to sound like T-Pain/Cher (for laughs only,) and eating fast food between sessions. It's tiring, but it's also a blast. This is what I live for. Writing, Playing, Living, Music.

As for today's fashion, if you could marry a pair of tights, I would marry these. The maze pattern on these are so badass! This blouse, I would have an affair with after I married the tights. The zipper detail in the back? I mean, C'MON, how could I not buy it? This is one of my favorite outfits I've had in a while. And that's saying something. Hahaha.

My friend Sydne (Satellite Heart) and I are soul sisters separated at birth. She's quite possibly the coolest person I've met in A LONG TIME. Go follow her here, HERE.
Speaking of amazing friends, Ashley (WHO WILL SOON HAVE A BLOG!) took my photos today. Love her. ♥

TOMORROW, I'm getting my haircut. I am BEYOND nervous. I'm getting some rock n roll straight across bangs and lots of choppy layers. Here in a few weeks I'm getting auburn chunks in my hair too! It's a huge jump for me. I've always stayed pretty natural. But I'm excited. Crossing my fingers that it turns out. My friend Caleigh (Fantastic Miss Fox)'s mom is actually cutting my hair! Wish me luck!

One more thing, a lot of you have been asking me to a makeup/hair care post and I'm going to do that very soon.

POSTSCRIPT...Caleigh and I's big shopping trip to out-of-town flea markets is this weekend, YAY!



  1. Loveee those tights, Loveeee that top! I would do the whole marriage and affair thing with these items too aha. You would look great with bangs, so definitely do it! And I had no idea you were a singer. Rock on girl!

  2. LOVE THIS LOOK-is an understatement. Seriously. WOW. Want it.

    some questions:

    you have a band and are recording an album? Have I been paying so little attention?

    How did you get your hair to fly up in that one pic?

    you're gorgeous. excited about your new hair!

  3. I can't wait to see your haircut and new finds from the flea market! :) I love every part of your outfit as well! You're a great model and you have a beautiful smile :D

  4. I love those tights and the whole outfit in general:)

  5. Are your tights from target?? I was there and one girl was wearing the exact same pair while her and her friend were looking at the other tights in store. I love your top! Exposed zippers are on my shopping list-I love how they add the extra edgy detail to anything, whether it's a top, skirt, or dress. :)

  6. Auto tune is hilarious! we always mess about with it and end up in hysterical laughter. Those tights are greaaaat!

  7. You look awesome. I seriously want to raid your closet now. LOL.

  8. ooohh, lovely. *.* simply love everything, but the shoes...gorgeous!! are they vintage?
    congrats, really pretty outfit!! :)

  9. Where did you get that outfit? (: