Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ichabod Crane, Mr. Cellophane.

These photos are from Wednesday. My friend Dylan took my pictures for me and shouted things like "Be a tiger, now platypus! No, tiger! Is that your platypus face?" Ha! He did a great job and I had a lot of fun posing for him. I love these old pants of mine. I feel like Ichabod Crane in them, they make me look so tall and lanky.
I've been working like crazy on my audition song for show choir. I won't reveal what song yet, but it's Barbara Streisand! I'm also going to audition for Glee! They're holding nationwide open casting calls, and I thought, why not? It is my favourite show after all! I'm definitely a gleek.

♥ Sarah

Pants: Hot Topic
Tee: Target
Blazer: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Salvation Army
Necklace: Great Aunt's
Brooch: Antique Mall


  1.! Thats so cool about the audition. GOOD LUCK! Also - those pants are absolutely look bad ass today. Love it!

  2. I love the plaid pants and the longer vest together. It's like a chic punk look :) And you pull it off well!

  3. that brooch is gorgeous! <3

  4. Totally rocking those plaid pants! Love this outfit:) That is SO Awesome that you are trying out for Glee! Wish you the Best of Luck:)

  5. Love the outfit! So punky and amazing!
    Good luck with you auditions!! I'm a total gleek and can't wait to (hopefully) see you on the show.