Friday, March 5, 2010

showing some skin.

It got so warm today that I ventured outside with bare legs! I know! It's a miracle! I wore this outfit out to a dinner with Jake and then a quiet little coffee shop for a warm scone. Yumm.

I have to say, I love my photos best when Jake takes them. These are my favorite photos yet to grace my blog! Thank you to everyone for the amazing support, comments, and sweetness. I love you guys.

♥ Sarah

Dress: Stage
Shoes: Goodwill
Necklace: Garage sale
Sweater: Target (hand altered)
Earrings: Steve Sasco (Designed for the movie Factory Girl, amazing one year anniversary gift last June from Jake.) ♥

Shirt: Target
Jeans: TJ Maxx
Shoes: TOMS


  1. so adorable!!! love your smile and dress, of course! :D

  2. you and jake (jake is one of my favorite names ever!) are so so cute. So glad that you were able to show some leg today and that its finally warming up where you are :) mm scones are my favorite! x

  3. You are really inspiring me to wear longer dresses. When I go thrifting/bootsale shopping I always buy beautiful long dresses and then when I get home I feel like I can't wear them because they're not short enough? Weird thing I have, when I wear them I feel like I'm over dressing :P But you look great and kinda casual! I'm impressed and now might try it myself.

  4. you have such pretty rosey cheeks! so beautiful!

  5. You are just so beautiful! I love this outfit! Gosh you're cute!! You make me want to wear a dress today! I think I just might!!


  6. lovely dress!! you both have great outfits :D

  7. i love your second picture! you have a lovely smile and your earrings and necklace look great with your outfit. :)

  8. Such a cute dress! Just came upon your blog today, love your style.