Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mod-tastic inspiration.

I am beyond jealous of Amber from "Painfully Hip" and her participation in the POP show, which was basically a re-enactment of all the partying at the factory back in the 60s. I'm a huge Edie Sedgick fan and Amber pulled off the look perfectly.

( )

I'm dying for some more cute 60s shift dresses like this one on Audrey from "Homerun Ballerina." I really love her blog because she doesnt have these fancy-schmancy mega high quality photos that look like they belong in vogue. Not that there's anything wrong with nice photos/camera, but she actually looks like a real person. I also love the way she keeps the backgrounds of the photos in gray-scale. This really makes her outfits pop. Such a great idea!

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I apologize for my lack of an outfit post today, I forgot my memory card for my camera and had to work right after school. I'm sitting here in my dreadful work clothes as I type. Big plans for my outfit tomorrow though! Au revoir!

♥ Sarah

PS: I got a very exciting email today concerning my blog and I am eager to see what becomes of it. I'll keep you posted! Bye!


  1. Keiko Lynn makes dresses just like that vintage one that Homerun Ballerina has.

    Oh, and you won the Busy Bee giveaway!! Yay! I'll be emailing you right away!

  2. Congrats on winning the headband from Delightfully Tacky :)

  3. I love both of these blogs too! Your new header is amazing!