Sunday, February 7, 2010

to buy list.

Instead of a to do list, I'm in desperate need of making a "to buy" list of things I'm in desperate need of.

-Black tights

-Trouser pants

-Brown Oxfords

-Light brown boots

-Spring sundresses

-Large chunky knit cardigans

I've been trying to keep myself from looking at any clothing websites (ahem...modcloth) because i am terriby broke. Any money that I am making is going straight to my Dallas/Muse Concert Trip fund. We will be in Dallas with fabulous shopping after all! This is all in a month! Plus, I'm a bit in debt.

I apologize for the lack of outfit post these last few days. It's been terribly cold outside, but I'm going to start back up tomorrow. For now enjoy an old photo of me:


  1. This is a great to buy list. Everything on that list is pretty much an essential. I love your own necklace:) Have a great rest of your day. x

  2. Your blog is awesome. Found you through Weardrobe.

  3. Owl necklace!!! Fabulous :) Oh and nice to bump into a blogger who seems to appreciate good music!

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