Wednesday, January 13, 2010

you better watch out, i wont waste my time.

so i started ladies jazz choir yesterday, it was quite interesting/fun. i had to jump right in and im so rusty at reading music! i've been spoiled to my rock band lifestyle. there was no outfit post yesterday, unfortunately because i had to work late. life is really kind of bland lately. nothing exciting is happening. its that "after winter break slump". and it sucks. cheyne and cayla leave for new york in 2 days, abandoning me here to sulk in my floral sundresses. i need the sun to come out. this weather is slowly killing me. oh and poverty, thanks crappy job. sorry i am très whiny today, its just how i feel. nothing special about this outfit. threw it on at the last minute.

dress: forever 21
tights: target
owl necklace: family surplus thrift

ps: i need a haircut / want auburn highlights.

1 comment:

  1. adorable dress, i love its shape and print!