Wednesday, January 27, 2010


thank god for cheyne's nikon.

today, the sun was deceivingly bright again. i am dreading this ice age coming tonight. no driving, no school, no show, no photoshoot, no going out. nothing. i just might die.
i'm currently reading running with scissors and i'm convinced it might be the best book ever. definitely, one of my favorites. i suggest picking up a copy to anyone who enjoyed the perks of being a wallflower (stephen chbosky), hot water music (charles bukowski), or forced entries (jim carroll). truly a fantastic read. much better than the movie (which i do enjoy immensely), they just left too much out. outfit today made me feel breezy and ladylike, but with an edge.
ah, parfait.

dress: charlotte russe
tights: urban outfitters
shoes: goodwill
necklace: garage sale


  1. Okay, you just added another item to my mental wish list, the one I dream about unhealthily. This dress is just absolutely gorgeous!!!!! And, the you said, it's all perfect :) I need to give Charlotte Russe a visit ;)

    Anyway, I've seen Running with Scissors, (I haven't read it) but I still loved it!


  2. i love the pattern of the top! florals on black are the way to go. ;)

  3. thank you ♥

    i get more and more impressed with charlotte russe everytime i shop there!

    and i am a sucker for florals!

  4. Just stopping by (again) to say "Thanks!" for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment :D