Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i just dressed very comfortable today in lots of solids. got interviewed for our school tv station (tiger tv!) about fashion. did a little photoshoot with the fabulous cheyne outside. its finally warm enough to take outdoor photos and not die! i didnt even wear a coat today and it was divine. i had a very nice day. i feel like i still have so many new clothes but im just drawing a blank on how to wear them! its terrible! wish me ultra luck.

tights: kohls
boots: charlotte russe
dress: forever 21
belt: charlotte russe
navy vest/cardigan: target
green cardigan: mom's closet
necklace: kohls


  1. love the colors of everything! also, the second picture is so funny, even though it was taken sideways, it still looks like you're looking up. (if that made sense...) ;)

  2. great colors! makes me think of autumn