Friday, December 25, 2009

a white christmas!

snow came down in cloudfuls last night!
i woke this morning to a plethora of santa gifts and mom and dad gifts. lovely!
i got some incredible key pieces for my wardrobe from my amazing mother. and i also got a sewing machine!!! so, be sure to expect some handmade clothing very soon! my darling mother also went out in the snow to take pictures for me, so thank you thank you thank you to her.

*1920s cloche hat: vintage shop of broken arrow
*fur vest: jc penney
*green dress: charlotte russe
*brown wool tights: jc penney
brown pumps: xmas gift last year
*vintage clip on earrings: vintage shop of broken arrow

starred items were all gotten this morning from my awesome parents. yumm.

have a great holiday everyone!
time for christmas dinner and a christmas story marathon.

2 christmases down, 2 to go.


  1. You got the fur vest you were lusting after in Norman!


    You betta werq!