Wednesday, December 23, 2009

muse road trip / best boyfriend ever.

jake came over tonight to exchange christmas gifts / celebrate our one and a half year anniversary. he pulled up in his red grand cherokee jeep, calling it his sleigh, piled high with gifts. he got my little sister a webkinz outfit she loved and my parents some holiday goodies. there were two boxes for me. the first was one of those boxes you always get clothing in, instead inside under tons of tissue paper was the panic at the disco live in chicago dvd i asked for! i was so happy. then came this huge box originally used for storing paper and folders. tucked between bundles of newspaper was muse "black holes and revelations" on vinyl. i loved both gifts but was a little confused because all month, everyone had been making a big deal about his gift. he then turned the records around and taped to the back was a little envelope. i opened it and pulled out this:

the circled area on the arena diagram is where we'll be at. oh my god. im. in. shock. this calls for capital letters and i never do this but.... YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

im also wearing this adorable black cocktail dress i got from target on the clearance rack for $6. yumm. time to go spend my night eating chocolate, cuddling with the boy of my dreams, and watching panic at the disco live on dvd!


  1. aaahhhh lucky you!! what a great present. <3

  2. thank you! and yes, i have an amazing boyfriend. :)