Friday, December 11, 2009

gaga, oh la la.

cheyne romero of in a sweater poorly knit and i did a bathroom photo shoot during magazine today. blog pics! check out the link to see what she and the lovely cayla baldwin are up to and also for an update on what she was wearing today.

( )

floral skirt- forever 21
purple boat neck sweater- forever 21
black leggins- gadzooks
black suede slouchy boots- gift
gold pearl necklace= family surplus thrift
gray vest= forever 21

(so much forever 21 today! bleh!)

i felt like this was such a default outfit for me today, it just seems like i wear this all the time. i need new clothes! thank goodness christmas is coming up. im going to the beautiful little town of eureka springs this weekend! we're going up to see my grandma for an early christmas. yumm. expect some updates again on tuesday. nanee has dial-up so i doubt i'll be posting for the next couple days.
stay warm loves!

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