Wednesday, December 9, 2009

cant get enough ice tea and passion pit.

today i really just wanted to show off another amazing peace of vintage jewelry from my $1 bag of "junk jewelry." this brooch/necklace has a soft image of a little cabin and pretty landscape. i adore it. i also sipped on this peach tea i always get at school on lunch for like 2 hours, so so good! the ankle bracelet things were the straps from my new vintage purse (that broke), i decided to recycle them by wearing them loosely wrapped around my black socks. pretty odd, but i liked it.

mustard yellow cardigan: target
black ruffled blouse: charlotte russe
black woven leather oxfords: goodwill
dark skinny jeans: hot topic
black socks: mom's drawer
brown suede vest: deco to disco vintage (altered by moi)
necklace: yesterday and today antique mall
bracelets: all handmade by moi

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