Wednesday, December 30, 2009 oh man.

i decided to write my "recap of the year" post a day early, because tomorrow i will no doubt be busy partying with miss ashley, you know, laughing hysterically at everything, dressing up (possibly panic at the disco-esque, in fact, lets make that possibly a probably), listening to fun music, drinking out of wine glasses, eating finger food, dancing uncontrollably, screaming, giggling, going crazy, watching the ball drop and reminiscing and talking for hours, and most likely end up crying, that kind of stuff.

so here we are. we're on the outskirts of 2010, and although my recent attack of cabin fever has left me feeling blank and distraught, when i sit here and look back, its been a damn good year. of COURSE there have been rough patches, i mean, thats a given in life. but right now, i wanna live a life from a new persective. yes panic reference. ive decided, even though this song is the same kind of typical fueled by ramen pop rock that has always been spouted to the masses, i dig it. (listening to it right now, in fact.) its just the lyrics and the mood, yum. and this is kind of how i feel about the new year, in a way. because really it is so so true.

im ready to grow up, get things done, be a positive, happy, person, with big ideas, and even bigger dreams. im ready to make them happen. ive got a little over one more year of highschool and then thats it! its time to make plans and get prepared for this amazing life im aspiring for. enough whining, complaining, and impatience. im going to live focused, one day at a time. because sometimes i need to sit back and say, "Sarah, chill out. its going to happen. you can be as famous as they are, and make music everyday and live out of a suitcase. you have everything you need to make it to the top, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride."

Top Moments of '09

-starting my junior year at the senior high in august!

-getting my braces off on june 23rd!

-filming a pseudo star wars movie for 2 hours on the last day of 10th grade, with the great Tyler English!

-making $50 at my very own garage sale, with help from jake! ha!

-painting and other various crazy shenanigans in magazine with cheyne at school!

-fashion photoshoot with sara mcever and susie over spring break!

-cheyne and i's skip school go to norman (OU) day on november 16th!

-supporting at jake's big show at cains on april 11th!

-destiny's grand going away, glow bowl party december 18th!

-jake and i's one year anniversary, june 23rd!

-guest starring at jake's show at cains in july, great night!

-seeing dave matthews with jake on october 2nd!

-seeing mutemath with jake on october 24th!

- meeting / opening for ida maria at cains on june 22nd!

- awesome new members of the band Tyler Fitzsimons and Clayton Pelotte!

-meeting / making amazing new friends,
Ashley Turner, Cheyne Romero, Cayla Baldwin, Larry Nevins, Hannah Lastrapes, Destiny DeVary, Alex Cowden, Callie Burrows, Sofia Rossainzz, Caleigh Trotter, and lots more.

-playing dfest with the fiascos in july! meeting-ish metro station at the hotel. ha!

-my 16th birthday on april 18th, even though it didnt turn out the way i expected, im so grateful!

-dressing up for hollyball with jake in december!

-sparklers and ice cream night with cayla and larry plus harrassing tyler english over the phone in september !

-having a killer halloween party on october 31st with great friends!

-having a white christmas with my lovely family on december 25th!

and so many more...

12 months, 12 ensembles.













i had so many outfits to choose from, this took me forever to pick one for each month! its crazy how fast and how vastly things change.

au revoir 2009,
and as my new found friend molly (of would say,
see you in year spaceship.


  1. January, July, and November are my faves! Happy New Year's Eve :)