Saturday, March 20, 2010

My happy 10 & Lovely 5.

I was browsing through my daily reads (Idée Géniale being one of the first I always read) and I was pleasantly surprised to be tagged in one of her Five bloggers she thinks are worth a daily visit. I was so flattered and excited. Mel has been one of my favorite bloggers from the beginning and I adore her style. She never has a lack of great posts. So I decided to do this too.

10 Things that Make Me Happy.

Playing music:


My boyfriend:

Thrift Stores:

Downtown Tulsa:


Good Friends:


Glass Bottles of Coca Cola:


My Top 5 Lovely Bloggers.

Postcards From: Kate Maggie has the most adorable style and she is such a cute girl. I've never seen an outfit of hers that I didn't like. ♥

Selective Potential: Tieka is a complete sweetheart and her smile is contagious. Her photographs are beautiful and she's someone I'd love to go thrifting with. ♥

Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Cailin has a very distinct style and she never fails at looking oh so chic. ♥

Tangerine Umbrellas on an Indigo Day: I just recently discovered Indigo & Tangerine, and these two ladies know a thing or two about style. I'm extremely jealous of their wardrobes! ♥

Leproust Vintage: Kristin is a huge inspiration to me style-wise. She manages to encompass retro, thrifty, and chic looks in her wardrobe. She has a wonderful etsy store and her posts are always awesome. ♥


  1. Hey girl. Just listening to your band on myspace, your voice is frickin incredible! Love it! Loving the track Window sill. I'll gonna add you on my band's myspace- we're called 'colour me wednesday' our recordings are realllly old but you'll get the general idea. Lost on the highstreet is most people's favourite! haha
    much love

  2. lovely things, and I love all those blogs

  3. Aw thanks so much for the top 5! I'm so flattered because I love reading your blog! :D

  4. Congrats!!! You real a lot of the Delightful Dozen blogs...such a great idea :)

  5. Thanks so much Sarah - this means so much to me especially since you are one of my favorites aswell! :)

  6. Nice place. You're really cute. :)
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